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Bilateral Meetings

  • 12.March 2014, Wednesday (10:30 -13:00)
  • 13.March.2014 Thursday (10:30 - 12.00)
  • 14.March.2014 Friday (10:30 - 12.00)

Country: Tunisia


Ball spin analysis tool that can be used in competitive match play tennis.

The university has developed the first ever tennis ball spin analysis tool that can be used in real time play. The software system is used by the International Tennis Federation and is already being used by leading international sports brands.

Technology description
The analysis of spin rates in tennis during match play has previously relied on manual digitisation using the basic approach of counting the number of frames of video footage that pass during the revolution of the ball by using the logo as a reference point. The novel system developed by the university is the first ever of this kind and works as follows: a clip of a tennis stroke is videoed, analysed and stored in a database with associated information about the shot. The software allows databases to be manipulated and combined and incorporates a search facility that allows data mining to output trends, shot types, surfaces etc. This information is therefore the most current and will be continually updated and utilised by the International Tennis Federation to decide on rules, classify courts, approve balls and ultimately protect the international tennis game.
It has also been proven to deliver accurate results for tennis and could potentially be applied to Rugby, American football, football, baseball, golf, squash, snooker and other ball sports.

Innovation and advantages
The system is the first ever field-based tool enabling you to analyse ball spin during competitive match play tennis. It requires no modification of the ball.

Stage of development
The software is complete for tennis with the next stage of development being to update the software for use with Windows 8 computers. The algorithms could be adapted for other ball sports to provide the same capability. The use in sports beyond tennis may require some development work.

Type and role of partner sought
1. A technology offer for commercial exploitation of the current tennis system
2. Technological and/or commercial cooperation to develop into other sports
Potential partners include equipment manufacturers, sport associations, coaching bodies and TV companies.

Type of Partnership Considered
License agreement
Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Technical cooperation agreement