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Decode d.o.o.

Sales and Marketing http://www.decode.rs

Bilateral Meetings

  • 12.March 2014, Wednesday (10:30 -13:00)
  • 13.March.2014 Thursday (10:30 - 12.00)

Domestic production, development and engineering of telecommunication equipment and industrial communication equipment.

Development of new products and changing existing ones per customers demand.

Strategic bearings of DECODE d.o.o. company is to lay out comprehensive solutions to our clients. Based on the client's request, through its wide range of products, DECODE d.o.o. presents the optimal solution, designs the integrated firmware and associated software. Thus far, the company was involved in design and production of several types of base-band modems, wide range of GSM/GPRS modems and routers, industrial intercom systems, packet radio modems, universal micro-controller units, data converters, traffic monitoring and control modules, electrochemical measurement instruments, data loggers and a range of measurement probes.

Our Clients - http://www.decode.rs/index.php/en/clients

Our Partners - http://www.decode.rs/index.php/en/partners

Our new product - http://www.decode.rs/index.php/sr/kontroleri-i-distribuirani-ui/161-dl28-remote-readout-and-control

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Producer

Areas of Activities


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