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Intellectual Property Office of Serbia


Bilateral Meetings

  • 12.March 2014, Wednesday (14:00 -16:00)

IP pre-diagnosis

IP pre-diagnosis (IPP) represents an evaluation of the intellectual property factors of any enterprise by the placement of IP into an appropriate context and taking into account numerous parameters. IPP has been designed for all enterprises wishing to assess their potency in the area of IP and to use it for their development.
Using the IPP service helps enterprises gain clear insight into their strengths and weaknesses in regard to intellectual property. The IP potential is placed in a context of doing business and evaluated from a strategic perspective. An analysis of IPP provides for the enterprise guidelines for developing an IP strategy, and its inclusion in the enterprise’s strategy at corporate level.

The IPP service is provided free of charge to all enterprises in Serbia.

If you wish to perform an intellectual property diagnostics survey in your company, you may contact us by telephone on 011 / 2025835 (international calls +381 11 2025835) or send an e-mail to:info.eic@zis.gov.rs.

Country: Serbia

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