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Bilateral Meetings

  • 12.March 2014, Wednesday (14:00 -16:00)
  • 13.March.2014 Thursday (10:30 - 12.00)
  • 14.March.2014 Friday (10:30 - 12.00)

Our Principals:


ABB Drives


General information:

• Founded 2001.
• Twenty five permanently engaged employees of whom 10 (ten) are B.Sc. electrical engineers, 11 (eleven) technicians, 4 (four) having logistic and administration duties.
• All the engineers are experienced ones worked with the „Sever“, best domestic manufacturer of electrical motors working on motor construction, engineering and applications and motor control and automation as well as with Energoinvest, Sarajevo, RBiH process automation division, working on supervising and start up jobs on various domestic and foreign projects.
• All technicians are well trained professionals with huge experience in electro cubicles completion as well as electro installation on number of projects.
• Multilingual communication
• Domestic Design and Erection Licences : 350, 352, 450, 453
• Implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, certified by SGS, CH.
• Certified supplier of EPS (Electrical Power System of Serbia) and US Steel Serbia.

Main activities :

• Industrial automation including PLCs, SCADA, AC, DC, Servo Drives and systems
 VFC for AC motors, open and closed loop, 025kW-1.9MW
 Servo controllers for AC/DC servo motors
 Digital controllers for DC motors up to 1850A
 Soft starters 9-1800A
• Project design (ePLAN Proffessional), project supervision, project completion, commissioning
• Complete solutions of automated systems
• Low voltage distribution plants
• MCC`s completion and site errection
• On site electro and fieeld equipment installation works
• After sales support 24h a day
• Principals' equipment delivery with service inside firm.

Exclusive Authorised Distributors, System Integrators & Service partners of :

1. Emerson Industrial Automation (USA) - Control Techniques (UK)
AC, DC & Servo Drives and Inverters
1.2 Emerson Solar:http://www.emersonindustrial.com/en-us/controltechniques/industries/solarandphotovoltaics/Pages/solarandphotovoltaics.aspx
2. Emerson Industrial Automation (USA) - Control Techniques Dynamics (UK)
Servo motors and accessories

Authorised Distributors of:

1. SIBA (Germany) HV, LV, ultraquick industrial fuses
2. ATB Sever, Subotica, electo motors
3. ABB, Finland, AC&DC motor drives

System integrator
1. Schneider Electric (France)
Main Customers

• USS Steel Serbia, Smederevo (steel industry)
• EPS, Srbija (Electro Power Serbia)
• EPRS, R BiH (Electro Power Republic of Srpska)
• DHV, Holland
• Dijamant, Zrenjanin (food industry)
• West Pharmaceutical, Kovin (pharmaceutical industry)
• Coca Cola HBC, Beograd (food and drink industry)
• Metalac, Gornji Milanovac (steel industry)
• RTB Bor (copper industry)
• Mittal Steel, Zenica , R BiH (steel industry)
• Celex SGH Banja Luka , R BiH (paper industry)
• Metalfer Steel Mill Sremska Mitrovica (steel industry)
• JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija Subotica (water supply state company)
• JKP Grejanje Pančevo (heating state company)
• JKP Toplana Subotica (heating state company)
• Novkabel Novi Sad cable industry)
• NIS Naftagas Zrenjanin (oil & gas)
• ATB Sever Subotica (electrical machnies)
• Michelin - Tigar Pirot (tyre industry)
• Azotara d.o.o. Subotica (fertilysers factory)
• Feni Industries Kavadarci Makedonija (fero-nickel company)
• Fidelinka AD Subotica food industry)
• Krantehnika Beograd (crane industry)
• Eurolift Niš (elevator company)


SILO 50,000 MT, Dijamant, Zrenjanin, R Serbia
1. Complete electro installation including cabling and field equipment insatallation.
2. Putting into operaion
3. Commissioning
4. As built documentation issuing

Transport system, SILO 50,000 MT, Dijamant, Zrenjanin, R Serbia
1. Electro and automation Design
2. Delivery and SW of PLC and SCADA system
3. MC cubicles production and installation
4. Electro installation
5. Putting into operation
6. Commissioning.

Boiler cabling, SPP Ugljevik, R BiH
1. Design of new cable trays
2. Old Cables putting out
3. Complete new cables laying
4. Checking
5. As built documentation issuing

Valve control, SPP Ugljevik, R BiH
1. Valve control cubicles design
2. Valve control cubicles production and installation
3. Complete cabling of valve control cubicles
4. Putting into opperation
5. As built documentation issuing

Field equipmet installation, SPP Ugljevik, R BiH
1. Old equipment removing
2. New equipment mounting and installation
3. Checking

WWTP Subotica, DHV, Holland
1. Both lines water and mud electrical installation
2. Complete SW for PLC and SCADA system
3. Putting into operation
4. As built documentation issuing


Technologies served
• Water supply
• Waste Water Treatment
• Thermal Power production
• District Heating
• Paper industry
• Steel industry
• Mine industry
• Metal processing
• Chemical
• Lift industry
• Crane industry
• Food and beverage

PLC programming
• Codesys
• Schneider Electric
• Siemens
• Modicon
• Alen Breadly
• Omron
• Unitronics
• Koyo
• Beckhoff

SCADA used
• Lookout National Instruments
• Schneider Electric
• Siemens

HMI panels
• Schneider Electric
• Siemens
• Weintech
• Esa

AC drives applaying, programming,putting into operation
• Emerson Control Techniques including Sypt and Codesys programming
• Schneider Electric
• Danfoss
• Omron
• Siemens

DC drives applaying, programming,putting into operation
• Emerson Control Techniques

Servo drives applaying, programming,putting into operation
• Emerson Control Techniques including Sypt and Codesys programming
• Schneider Electric Codesys programming

Electrical design SW

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Other

Organization Size: 26-50

Founding Year: 2001

Areas of Activities

Solar & Biomass

  1. Solar energy
  2. Photovoltaics
  3. Geothermal energy
  4. Biomass
  5. Other renewable energies


  1. Air conditioning


Cooperation in electrical engineering from design to putting into operation. Serbia and third countries.

Keywords: SCADA PLCAutomationDRVESINVERTERSCooperation as subcontractor
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Manufacturing agreement
  3. Technical co-operation
  4. Outsourcing co-operation